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High-speed trains is very fast.The speed is normally between 200km/h and 300km/h. For example,before high-speed trains,It takes about 15 hours from Beijing to Shanghai by regular trains.Now it only needs 5 hours if visitors take high-speed trains.
High-speed trains include D Category Trains,G Category Trains and C Category Trains which are much more faster than regular trains. High-speed trains can reach a speed of 400km/h and only work under the advanced technological communication systems. China is a vast country and has many great destinations.The destinations are always far from each other.It’s very expensive taking an airplane but regular trains spend too much time.In order to solve this problem, the high-speed rail network is developed and cover most of the country.Now it’s very convenient, time-saving and feasible to take long-distance trips by High-speed trains.
  • Beijing-Shanghai
  • Beijing–Guangzhou
  • Beijing–Harbin
  • Hangzhou–Fuzhou–Shenzhen
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This rail line is fully operational with a length of 1,433 kilometers.There are over 50 pairs of high-speed trains shuttle along this rail line everyday within a design speed of 350 km/h.

There are 24 stops and 5 of them are starting stations on this rail line including Beijing South Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station, Jinan West Railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

The main stations on this line include Beijing South, Langfang, Tianjin West, Cangzhou West, Dezhou East, Jinan West, Taian, Tengzhou East, Zaozhuang, Xuzhou East, Bangbu South, Dingyuan, Chuzhou, Nanjing South, Zhenjiang South, Danyang North, Changzhou North, Wuxi East, Kunshan South and Shanghai Hongqiao.

Seats on High-Speed Trains


Business Class Seats

Like the first-class on the plane,business class seats are the most comfortable,luxurious and expensive seats on the high-speed trains.In Business class carriage,there are three seats in a row,one side has one and the other of asile has two .

First Class Seats

First class seats are better and more expensive than the second class seats.With larger seat size and more personal space,passenger can have a more enjoyable travel time.

In the first class carriage,there are four seats in a row and each said of asile has two.


Second Class Seats

This kind of seats is the cheapest and most common seat on the high-speed train.It's like the economy class on the plane.Even it's cheap,you still have enough leg space and a tray table infront.

In the second class carriage,there are total five seats in a row.Three at one side and two at the other side of the aisle.

Facilities on High-Speed Train


Baggage Holder

There are two kinds of baggage holder in high-speed trains.One is luggage racks which are above the seats on both sides of a carriage.You can put the normal size bags and suitcases.The other is luggage closets which are located at the junctions of two carriages.It's for large-sized trolley suitcases.

Battery Charging

There are power points under every seat on the high-speed train.It's mainly for both two-blades and three-blades plugs.It's very convenient to recharge your phone or computer during your journey.


Dining & Hot Water

Water heater can be found at one end of each carriage and boiled water is available during your whole journey.There are also trolleys in the aisles selling refreshment,drinks and hot meals ever half hour. You can also have meals at the dining car.

On some trains, free meals and beverages are served for the passengers in the business (sightseeing) class, super class and first class carriages.You can also have Halal food on some trains.