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How to Buy Train Tickets

Purchasing China Train Tickets

The easiest way to purchase tickets is through railway stations and ticket offices: Travelers can buy tickets at railway stations and ticket offices in many cities up to 18 days in advance. If tickets are purchased through ticket offices a 5RMB service fee is charged.
Telephone booking for tickets between 1-20 days is available in several cities, but there are only Chinese prompts. The tickets should be paid and collected within 24 hours at railway stations or ticket offices, or the booking will be cancelled. A service fee of CNY5 per ticket is charged if collected at a ticket office.
For most travelers who do not speak Chinese it is difficult to purchase tickets through railway stations and ticket offices as all services and help information is in Chinese. To make matters more complicated tickets bought online can only be paid for using a Chinese bank card. Therefore we suggest to travelers to book using an online booking agency such as China Tour Advisors where we will purchase the required tickets for you.
How to Buy Train Tickets

Additional Information

When purchasing tickets during national holidays in China you may find it particularly difficult. Therefore, we advise you book earlier particularly if you plan a trip during the Chinese New Year or October’s national holiday week.
If travelers are unable to board the train, they can cancel or change the ticket dates at any railway stations in China.
If tickets are lost a replacement ticket can be bought and the booked seat can be reclaimed as long as the identification is shown.
The ticket price does not include any insurance for accidents, therefore we advise that travel insurance is bought before you travel to China.
Children between 1.2 m (3.9 feet) and 1.5 m (4.9 feet) need to purchase a child ticket, those under 1.2 m are admitted for free.