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Kunming-Lijiang Ethnic Tourism Train

The Forbidden City

Drinking beer while listening to piano; or drinking tea while appreciating the beautiful scenery outside the window; or enjoying fantastic local specialties while facetiming with friends to share great moments using WIFI; all these could happen at the Kunming-Lijiang Ethnic Cultural Tourism Train.


The Kunming-Lijiang Ethnic Tourism Train is a specialized tourism train running between Lijiang and Kunming. The train was first opened on September 12, 2013. Stopping by stations of Chuxiong, Dali, and Heqing, every day there are two trains running between Kunming and Lijiang. With its special and high quality services and equipment, the Kunming-Lijiang Ethnic Tourism Train has made great contribution to promoting the Yunnan tourism.


This train is highly themed at colorful Yunnan ethnic, especially for the aspect of interior decoration. Each carriage has its own theme in different ethnic and culture.

Characterized cultural factors from Yunnan’s major ethnic groups such as Bai, Naxi, and Yi are integrated into the decoration of the train including curtains, carpets, table cloth, and wall paintings. In the dining car, there are high-definition TVs playing featured films and promotional films about Yunnan culture and tourism.


This tourism specialized train may also considered as a mobile leisure hotel with the fancy bar and dining car in the train. The bar car is decorated with cozy golden yellow and wood flooring. Hard drinks like Brandy, Whisky, Champaign, cocktail, and red wine, soft drinks like fresh juice, soda, and freshly brewed coffee, fruit, desert, salad and so on are all available in the bar. Passengers can also listen to piano or sing a song in the bar car. In the center of the bar car, there passengers can drink tea made by professional tea specialist.


In the dining car passengers are able to taste many tasty local specialized food and snacks from Yunnan. Yunnan traditional famo