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Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The Forbidden City

The Qinghai – Tibet Railway which starts at Xining in Qinghai Province to connect Lhasa in Tibet Autonomous Region is the railway that has the highest altitude in the world. The railway measures a length of 1,956 kilometers. Qinghai-Tibet Railway was fully inaugurated in July 1, 2006 with the inauguration of the section between Golmud and Lhasa, while the section between Xining and Golmud was actually completed as early as in 1979.

Due to the high elevation and complicated terrain, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the first railway built to connect Tibet with other province in China. Currently there are trains from 7 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, and Chongqing running to Lhasa.

The construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway has not only strengthened the economic development of Tibet and its communication with other regions in China, also it has greatly promoted the tourism development of Tibet. Traveling to Tibet by train is the primary method to get to Tibet as it helps tourists to get used to the ascending altitude gradually to reduce the possibility of altitude sickness. But what attracts more is the marvelous scenery along the journey. Taking train by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway tourists will have chances to enjoy the gorgeous scenery through the train's windows, including Qinghai Lake, Nagqu Grassland, Kekexili Grassland, Nyenchen Tangula Mountains, Damxung Grassland, Amdo Grassland, Tsong Lake, and so on.