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Daocheng Transportation

Daocheng is actually not easy to be access because of its geographic location. There is no railway station in Daocheng and bus is the most convenient transportation method to get to Daocheng.

There is Daocheng Yading Airport in Daocheng County. It has opened airlines to Chengdu and Chongqing, and it only takes 65 minutes by air from Chengdu to Daocheng. But as the airport is located in an elevation of 4,441 meters above the sea level, passengers should pay attention to altitude reactions when coming to Daocheng and make preparations in advance.

Daocheng is about 800 kilometers away from Chengdu City. There are long distance buses to Daocheng from Ya’an, Kangding and Chengdu every day. Bus is the most convenient method to Daocheng and traveling by bus does help to get accustomed to the altitude reaction.

Daocheng is available from Tagong by minibuses which you can find by your guesthouse or on the main road, and it only takes about 50 RMB per person from Tagong to Daocheng.

Within Daocheng County, public transportation is not provided since trips there could be finished by foot. But taxi is available.