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Datong Transportation

Datong transportation is convenient due to its location at the heart of Shanxi Province it is also one of the closest cities to Beijing and Haikou which is part of the western region. According to railway mileage it is approximately 368 kilometers away from Beijing, 285 kilometers from Hohhot, 355 kilometers from Taiyuan and 460 kilometers from Erenhot. So it is an important traffic hub city in Northern China. Currently a railway, a highway and aviation are matched as a three-dimensional traffic system which has been formed in Datong.

By Air

Datong Beijiazao Airport is located in northwest of the town Beijiazao. It is about 15.2 km from the city center, covering 2159 acres. The Boeing 737 and other medium-sized airliners can land here. Passenger throughput of Datong airport ranked 106th, cargo throughput ranked 83rd and flight movements ranked 112th among Chinese 175 domestic civil airports with scheduled flights ( excluding Hongkong and Macao ). In 2010, the total of Datong airports passenger throughput is 166,420 passengers, cargo throughput is 1193.5 tones and flights are 2305 sorties.

By Train

Three double-tracked electrified railways including Jingbao, Daqin, North Tongpu and more than 40 branch lines are arranged in a crisscross pattern in Datong, connecting North China, Northwest China and Shanxi hinterland. Datong station is one of the principal stations of China. There are 14 train lines currently leading to Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Shenyang, Taiyuan and other major domestic cities. The construction of Great Western Railway (Datong - Xi'an Passenger Dedicated Line) was started in December 2009 and in order to support this new line the new Datong South Railway Station was also built at this time.

By Bus

By January 2011, Datong had a total of 49 carriers in the transportation line with a total length of 687 km. Public transportation network has covered east to Yu Zhou Tuan of Yudong New Area, west to Jiangjiawan of Mining Area, South to Maojiazao of Huairen County, north to most area of Puziwan of Xinrong District.
The new bus line NO.601 was put into use in January 8th 2011 which is the first and also the only rapid bus line in Datong.