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Dunhuang Transportation

You can go by train from Xian, Lanzhou, Urumqi to Dunhuang Station whose original is Liuyuan Station, then change to the automobile to go Dunhuang. you can also go by air from Beijing, Lanzhou, Urumqi etc. The temperature in night is very low, you must prepare the thick clothes. The best choice is to take a automobile in Xian and go along the 312 National Freeway, process Qiaowan city, Yulinku, if lucky, you can also see the image of markets and buildings in mirage in the reservoir of Sule River.

External traffic
Dunhuang Airport
Dunhuang airport is 13 kilometers far from the east of Dunhuang City, already having the scheduled air transports to Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Xian, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Yinchuan, Yusan, Jiayu Pass etc. There are 38 Dunhuang airport flights every week. Some of them are services to charter a plane, the airport of Dunhuang goes on a tour for the sake of the easy to travelers, they still provided the services of the chartered plane for the visitors.

Dunhuang Railway
There is not railroad in Dunhuang City, Dunhuang railway station is in fact the train station of Liuyuan in Anxi Country in the past which has already changed name to the station of Dunhuang in Xian now, it is more than 100 kilometers to the downtown of Dunhuang, is close to two hours of distances, they can lead to Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Xian, Lanzhou, Jiayu Pass, Chengdu, Hami, Turpan, Kuele, Yusan, Urumqi, Akesu etc.

215 National Freeway and 313 National Freewayse go by way of Dunhuang. Take the long distance automobiles in Dunhuang, you can go to the grounds, such as Lanzhou, Xian, Urumqi, Hami, Turpan, Gemuer, Jiuquan, Jiayu Pass...etc. There are the precise point long distance regular buses and small scaled buses between the downtown of Dunhuang and the train station of Anxi every day.

The passenger transportation can lead to the cities, such as Jiuquan, Lanzhou, Xian, Hami, Turpan, Urumqi, Geermu...etc. If go to Tibet, you can arrive at Geermu then change buses to go to Lasha. Remove Yumen Pass still is the Gobi desert sand off-street, there are straight spacious of asphalt streets to other beauty spots in Dunhuang City. Transportation of the city

There are buses and the manpower three-wheeled carts in Dunhuang City to provide the transportation inside the city, visitors can rent the bicycle means of transportation in the Mingshan Road.

The taxies in Dunhuang contain two kinds of cars which are Shangtana and Xiali, in the downtown, the price of Shangtana is 10 Yuan, the price of Xiali is 5 Yuan, The taxies of Dunhuang did not account the price machine mostly, mainly charges according to the type of the cars and the far and near of the road. Because each beauty spot isn't far from the downtowns in Dunhuang, the visitors can choose to charter car to go, they can bargain with drivers.