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Foshan Transportation

Foshan's transportation infrastructure consummation water, land, spatial transportation convenient, has formed a road, the railroad, the aviation and the river transportation is prepared, the modern traffic network of radiation with strong strength.

The whole city has foreign port 16, the Foshan whole city sets up 5 customs, 4 passenger transportation ports (the Shunde port, south sea port, Gaomin port and the Foshan train station), 16 foreign ports and 9 standard container berths (LanShi port, the Foshan new port, the Shunde port, Beijiao port, south sea port, Sanshan port, Jiujiang port, Sanshui and Gaomin port). The foreign passengers and cargo collection and distribution is convenient and quick.

By Air

Foshan Shadi airport already offers the airliners of more than 20 large and medium cities as Beijing, Guilin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Fuzhou, Kunming and many more destinations. The airport seves as a military and public airport serving Foshan. 

By Rail  

Foshan's railway station was opened in 1993 and has a major role as an interchange station. The railway of Guang(zhou)--San(shui) and San(shui)--Mao (ming) have well versed in the city, link with the national railway network; The direct passenger train leads directly to Jiulong is the second railway port of directly to Hong Kong.

By Bus  

There are around 16 long-distance Foshan bus stations located throughout the city.The whole city is open to traffic the course 3479.4 kilometers, 84.3 of highway among them, Has formed the road network which extends in all directions for the branch by Guang-Zhu, Guang-Zhan and Guang-zhao , constructs the highway of Guang (zhou) and Fo(shan) .

By Boat 

The whole city water transport open up to navigation length up to 2311 kilometers, have foreign port 16 kilometers, three of harbour among them are lead directly to Hong Kong passenger traffic (Shunde port , south seaport , Gaomin port), 9 container terminals (Lanshi port, new harbour of Foshan , Shunde harbour , north harbour , Pinzhou harbour ,Sanshan harbour , Jiujiang harbour , Sanshui harbour and Gaomin harbour).