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Hefei Transportation

Hefei is located in the center of China’mainland continent, where converges the south part and the north part of the country, and traffic leads to the east and the west.

A circle drawn with a radius of 500 kilometers and with Hefei as the center covers an area of 1.02 million square kilometers, encompassing the most advanced 7 provinces and 1 municipality in the eastern and central China with a population of half a billion.

As the inner belt of the coastal regions and the frontier of the hinterland, Hefei is trying to make all-level cooperation with the Yangtze Delta Economic Region. Owing to its geographic location, Hefei will be firstly benefited from the capital and industrial transfer from the eastern coastal regions.

Hefei is a national second-class regional transportation hub in China. With well developed expressway network leading to all directions, it only takes 2 hours to drive to Nanjing, 4 or 5 hours to Shanghai or Wuhan, and less than 1 hour to Wuhu, Bengbu, Anqing and other provincial major cities.

Six Railways, such as Huainan, Jingju and Nangxi, are well connected in Hefei. After the completion of the Huhanrong(Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu) express railway in 2007, it will only take 45 minutes from Hefei train station to Nanjing and a little bit more than 2 hours to Shanghai or Wuhan.

Hefei Luogang Airport is an international standby airport in China. There are over 30 domestic air routes and direct Hefei airport flights to Hongkong. Recently the airport is ready to move to a new site in order to enlarge its terminal capacity.

The Jianghuai Canal under construction will make Hefei a waterway transportation center between Yangtze and Huaihe rivers in the future. According to the recent and long-term plans, Hefei Port will build two container terminals. After completion, containers from Hefei can be shipped right through the Yangtze River to ocean-going freighters in Shanghai.