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Huzhou Transportation

Huzhou has a well-developed water and land transportation network due to its superior geographical conditions. Located at the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Huzhou is the common hinterland of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and a nodal city connecting the southern & northern parts of the Yangtze Delta and eastern & central China. The city of Huzhou is 75 kilometers away from Hangzhou, 130 kilometers away from Shanghai and 220 kilometers away from Nanjing. The transportation is very convenient in Huzhou. 

Huzhou owns the nation’s first-class railways, highways, and intermediate ports in inland waters; four expressways connects Huzhou, namely Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui Expressway, Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou Expressway, HangChang Hangzhou-Changxing Expressway, and Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway; other No.104 and No. 318 National Highways, Xuancheng-Hangzhou Railway and the forthcoming Hangzhou-Nanjing High-Speed Railway, and Changxing-Huzhou-Shanghai Channel, which is known as the Oriental Rhine, all provide the convenience of traffic in Huzhou.

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Xuancheng - Hangzhou Railway runs through the whole territory, there are 6 trains passing through Huzhou everyday. The main railway stations in Huzhou include Changxing Railway Station, Huzhou South Railway Station, Mogan Railway Station. 


Depart from Hangzhou

Hangzhou East Bus Station
Business Hours: 6:20 - 18:20

Hangzhou North Bus Station
Business Hours: 6:30-18:00

Depart from Shanghai

Shanghai Hu Tai Road Bus Station
Business Hours: 5:55-17:00