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Jiangmen Transportation

Jiangmen is one of the popular cities in Guangdong. It has a combination of natural sceneries such as parks and Aofong Hill, as well as historical sites like Mei Courtyard. Getting into Jiangmen is very easy even with the lack of airport. It has an excellent bus networks and now has one of the biggest ports. It is also now part of the mass rapid transit train system, which reduces the travel time to several minutes. 


Currently, there is no airport in Jiangmen, if go to Jiangmen by airplane, tourists can arrive at the nearby cities such as Guangzhou and Zhuhai, and then transfer to the airport bus to Jiangmen city. 

Jiangmen has advanced land traffic, and the bus between Jiangmen and Guangzhou operates everyday. Thus, one of the best and fastest ways to arrive in Jiangmen is through the Guangzhou Baiyun Internaitonal Airport, which is around 2 to 3 hours away from the former. After arriving, visitors can proceed to Hall No. 7 and then take a shuttle bus from Airport Express. 

There are four buses from Zhuhai airport to Jiangmen
business time: 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 17:00
tel: 0756-8111333 / 0756-8287888 / 0756-7773333


Since 2011 Jiangmen can already be reached through a train. This is because it is already part of the Intercity Mass Rapid Transit that connects Guangzhou and Zhuhai. So far, there are already 4 stations, two of which are currently being used. These are Xinhui and Jiangmen.

As mentioned above, if tourists want to tour Xinhui first, they can alight here and simply take a taxi to Jiangmen for about an hour. There are more than 15 bullet trains that leave Guangzhou South Railway Staiton toward Jiangmen. The travel time is less than an hour, and the fare is less than CNY60 for first class and only CNY40 for the second class. The interval between trains is around 15 minutes especially during peak hours.


There are totally five highways including Fo-Kai Highway and Kai-Yang Highway opening for use and as plan, there will be another nine highways completed for use. Passengers will be able to get to the west bank of the Pearl River, west of Guangdong Province and the Pearl River Delta more convenient and especially, to get to Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao within one hour and a half will be realized then.

Jiangmen Bus Terminal
Add: 42 Jianshe Rd
Tel: 0750-333 2393


The port in Jiangmen is one of the biggest in the province, and the government is bent on further developing it, making it an industrial zone for heavy industries such as petrochemicals. Right now, however, it serves as the dock for ferries that are coming from various points, usually within mainland China and its territories.

One of your first options is through Chu Kong Passenger Transport Company Limited, which has regular schedules from Hong Kong. You can begin your trip from Hong Kong Island through the China Ferry Terminal toward Jiangmen. It normally leaves at 8:30 a.m. Guests can pick VIP, First Class, and Economy tickets with prices beginning at HKD270. The entire travel time is around 2.5 hours.

Another choice is to travel from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau. You can then take a fast ferry toward the latter, and the travel time takes less than 2 hours. From the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal, you can cross the border and ride a taxi to Jiangmen for at least two hours. Make sure you can already prepare your visa to spend less time in the immigration counter.

Jiangmen Port
Add: Xijiang River, Waihai Zhen, Jiangmen
Tel: 0750-337 4087

San Bu Port
Add: Gangkou Rd, Kaiping, Jiangmen
Tel: 0750-331 3858