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Nanchang Transportation

Nanchang is an important transport hub in East China and also the main distributing center for both domestic and international travelers to get around major cities in Jiangxi Province. The complete transport network extends in all directions of the city, fast and convenient.

By Air 

Nanchang's Changbei International Airport is an airport serving Nanchang. It is located 28 km north of Nanchang. Construction of the airport began in October 1996 and was opened on 10th September 1999. It replaced Nanchang Xiangtang Airport which was a joint civilian and military airport. It has a runway with a length of 2800 metres and a terminal building with six gates. As of 2010, it was undergoing an expansion which includes a new terminal and a second runway.

By Taxi

Most taxis in Nanchang are Santana model, and other small parts are Citroen zx and Jetta. The flag down fare is CNY 6 for the first 2 kilometers, and then CNY 2 for every extra kilometer. In general, it will charge about CNY10 by taking a taxi in Nanchang downtown area.

By Bus

Nanchang has a developed bus system, and the buses routes cover the whole city roads and attractions. In addition, there are also various mini-buses, sightseeing buses, and shuttle buses serving passengers.
It is available to go to the most tourist spots by taking buses. For example, bus No.7, No.18, No.16 and No.26 can take travelers to Tengwang Pavilion; No.219 and No.112 offer the transfer services to the summer resort-Meiling Mountain.

By Coach

Nanchang-Zhangzhou and Nanchang-Jiujiang high ways link the both sides of the Gan River. There are many long-distance buses running through the city to over hundred major cities of China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hefei, Yiwu and etc each day. And the regular bus service to all the cities and towns of Jiangxi Province are also available.

There are three coach stations in Nanchang, and they are Nanchang Long-distance Bus Station, South Nanchang Bus Passenger Station and Xufang Passenger Station respectively. Among them, the Nanchang Long-distance Bus Station is located at the No.161 Bayi Road, no far from the Nanchang Railway Station. Many buses lines serve passengers to the coach station, including bus No.9, No.10, 15, 16, 24, 204, 215, 220, 302, 602, as well as the airport shuttle bus.

By Ferry

Nanchang is located on the Gan River, Elephant Lake, the Fu River, Qingshan Lake, and Aixi Lake, thus the water routes play a significant role in the developing of Nanchang’s economy, trade and shipping. Nanchang Prot is the biggest port along Gan River and also an important water transportation hinge in Nanchang. Now there are water routes from Nanchang Port to Boyang, Duchang, Ruihong, Zhouxi, Lianhu, as well as Poyang Lake, Tengwang Pavilion, Jinggang Shan, Dagu Hill and other attractions.