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Qufu Transportation

By Air
Qufu has no airport.Visitors can take a bus at Qufu bus station or a train at Qufu train station to Jinan and then transfer plane in Jinan.It’s very convenient from Qufu to Jinan,vistors can take the Jinan wall International Airport shuttle bus at the Jinan Railway Station to the airport.It takes 2 hours to arrive.

In addition, visitors can also go to Xuzhou,transfer in Xuzhou Guanyin Airport,the journey takes about three hours.

By Railway

In case of disturbing the hometown of Confucius, Beijing-Shanghai railway deliberately build 15 km away Yanzhou.Vistors who take train all passing by this place.

Vistors will arrive Yanzhou railway station first and then take a bus at the bus station which is on the cross street of the train station. In addition,People can get off at the south of Qufu,take NO.5 bus to the city.