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Tianjin Transportation

Tianjin is a significant transportation hub in north China enjoying a three dimensional transportation network. It is convenient to arrive at Tianjin from most domestic cites. Tianjin Binhai International Airport provides flights to all the Chinese major cities and some international destinations. Tianjin Harbor is the largest manual harbor in China connecting to more than 300 ports of over 170 countries and regions. And the highway system of Tianjin is leading everywhere. Overall Tianjin transportation is convenient and you can easily make your way around the city. 


There are main two types taxies in Tianjin and the fares depend on the vehicle type. For the common taxies, the fare rate is CNY 8 for the first three kilometers and then CNY 1.7 for each additional kilometer. And for other taxies, the staring price is CNY 8 for the first two kilometers and CNY 2/km is added hereafter. In addition, another 50% return charge is also factored into the total fare when it is more than 10 kilometers.

There are about 32,000 taxies in Tianjin. So it is very convenient to take a taxi at airport, railway station, hotel, and tourist attractions not matter ay the daytime or nighttime. If travelers want to rent a car to Tanggu from downtown Tianjin, they’d better bargain with the drivers in advance. In general, it will take about CNY 60 for single trip and CNY90 for return trip between Tianjin city center and Tanggu Railway Station.


The public transportation system of Tianjin is composed of 10 school bus lines, 1 Kelong line, 2 sight-seeing special lines as well as the common bus lines. Most of the buses belong to the self-service ticketing ones, so please do prepare the change in advance. In general, the ticket fare is CNY1-2 per person depending on the distance.


There are main four trunk lines of national expressways passing through Tianjin. They are respectively Jingjintang Expressway, Jingshen Expressway, Jinghu Expressway and Jintang Expressway. Among them, the Jingjintang Expressway is the first Tranprovincially highway in China which is an important traffic ties connecting Tianjin the capital city-Beijing. It is an enclosed totally full-overpass and two-way and four-line road of the length of 142.69 kilometers. Drive through this way, it only needs one and a half hour from Tianjin to Beijing.

Tianjin has several long distance passenger stations in different districts. Among them, the Tianhuan Coach Station, located at Nankai District, mainly operate passenger transport services between different provinces. From there, travelers could easily go to Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Neimenggu, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces. And other coach stations at Tianjin mainly offer the regular bus service to the counties in Tianjin and other neighboring cities.


There are only one subway line is in operation in Tianjin. And two others are under construction. The metro Line 1 starts from Beichen District in north and end at Shuanglin of Jinnan District in south. It was operated from 6:20am to 22:00pm every day. During the peak time, there will be a train departing from platform no more than 4 minutes. The fare ticket of Tianjin subway is based on the stations. If no more than 5 stations, CNY 2 will be charged while CNY 3 for 6 stations to 10 station. And CNY 4 for 11station-16 stations and CNY 5 are charged when up 16 station.


Tianjin harbor is the largest artificial port in China, located at the estuary of Haihe River in west side of Bohai Bay. It is the seaway portal of Beijing and Tianjin, consisted of river port and ocean port including Beijiang, Nanjiang, Haihe regions. From port of Tianjin, it is available to Longkou, Yantai, Dalian in China as well as international cities such as Kobe in Japan, and Inchon in South Korea. Every Monday, there are ships departing from Tianjin to Kobe and to Incheon at Thursday and Saturday.

Haihe River Touring Route

Haihe is a main river running through the Tianjin downtown. It is also a characteristic touring route in Tianjin. The Haihe Bund Park is situated at the Shore of Haihe River, which open the special river sight-seeing tour line.

Haihe Cruise: One day tour between Haihe and Bohai River is available on April to October each year. Opening time: 10:30 AM
Night Cruise: Travelers could take a night cruise from Shizi Bridge to Guangming Bridge on May to August every year.
Operating hour: 19:30 PM