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Urumqi Transportation

The Urumqi Airport is 15km farm from the city.There are flights for Kashgar, Beijing, Guangzhou and other major cities every day.It’s also available to some international city like Moscow and Islamabad,but it’s not all daily.It takes 50 or 60 yuan to the airport.There is also an airport bus running from the CAAC offices on Youhao Rd which is in the northern section of central Urumqi, north of the Post Office and past Hongshan Department Store.

Urumqi Train Station is located in the southwest of the city.There are trains from Urumqi to Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xian, and Chengdu.It takes 45 hours to Beijing and 48 hours to Shanghai.Hard or soft sleeper trains is strongly recommended.


The Urumqi bus station is located on the northeast of the train station.The different bus stations in Urumqi is headed to different destinations.Remember buy the tickets at the station you take the bus. Purchasing tickets at the wrong bus station will incurs unnecessary charges.

Vistors can take the Urumqi-Turpan bus only at the Urumqi-Turpan bus station which is near the Erdaoqiao market on Quanyin Road.It takes 3 hours to Turpan and 36 hours to Kashgar.

Going by bus to Urumqi, you will probably arrive at the bus station which relates to your city of origin.

City Transport
City buses in Urumqi are crowded and take care of your wallet. There are minibuses going through the city for an average fare of RMB1 to RMB2.