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Dagu Glacier Park

 Aba Prefecture Attractions

The Guda Glacier Park is located at Heishui County, Sichuan Province. It is one of the rarely seen mountain glaciers. The top of Guda Mountain is covered with snow all year round. There are newly developed glaciers at the south and north sides of the mountain. There is also an ancient glacier tracing back hundreds of millions of years ago with an area of 8.25 square kilometers. In the Guda Glacier Park, besides the grand glacier, you will also see the forest, lakes, Tibetan buildings, rare animals.

The Guda Glacier Park is 270 kilometers away from Chengdu, 80 kilometers away from Abeizhou Airport in Hongyuan County. The Glacier was discovered in 1992, by Japanese scientists using GPS. There are 13 glaciers in total, taking up 210 square kilometers. The core region is 119 square kilometers. The most endangered animals inhabit there. Golden monkey is one of the endangered species. In the core region, their density can be as high as 3.8 monkeys per square kilometer. Generally, glaciers in the world exist on altitude between 5000 and 8000. The Guda is only 3000 to 5000 meters tall in altitude. It is quite amazing that Guda Glacier can even exist. 

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