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Flower Lake Scenic Area

 Aba Prefecture Attractions

The flower lake scenic area is located at the 213 national highway between Ruoregai and Mulang Temple. The lake sits on an altitude of 3468 meters. The road to flower lake from Chengdu is rough. People see it as the trouble you have to suffer before you can get to heaven. The best timing for visiting flower lake is July and August, especially in the middle of July, when the rainfall is the most abundant. The lake will look sapphire blue.

The lake is inhabited by a great variety of wildlife animals. Many of them are very rare such as ruddy shelduck and barhead goose. There is a sightseeing bridge extending from the bend to the middle of the lake. The entrance ticket is required to flower lake. It is 75 yuan each person. Chengdu Chadianzi bus station has direct bus to the flower lake every morning at 7 and 7:20. The price is 180 yuan per person. The trip is around 10 hours. 

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