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Ruoergai Grassland

 Aba Prefecture Attractions

Ruoergai Grassland is a peculiar area at the edge of Tibetan Plateau. The altitude is between 3300 meters and 3600 meters. Comparing with the middle and eastern part of China, it is a plateau. But comparing with other parts of Tibetan Plateau, it is a basin, surrounded by Mount Min, Mount Guoluo, Mount Animaqing and Mount Xiqing,

The major rivers run on Ruoergai Grassland are Gequ, Moyu and Requ. The abundant water resource, and mountains, make the grassland an attractive scenery. It is cold on the grassland. The yearly average temperature is between 0 and 2 degree Celsius. The annual average rainfall is about 600 to 700 millimeters. Summer is the best timing to Ruoergai. It is cool and the visibility is good. The grasses are all bluish green, seemingly extending to the line between earth and sky. The special foods are Tibetan sausage, wild vegetables, Roasted bread, and yogurt.

Before you visit Ruoergai Grassland, it is necessary to take some anti-altitude disease medicine. You should bring raincoat, wind coat, and warm clothes. 

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