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Ancient Koguryo Kingdom

 Jian Attractions

Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Kuguryo Kingdom is located in the city of Jian of Jilin Province, China. This attraction is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. The site include the archaeological remains of the three cities of Wunu Mountain City, Guonei City and Wandu Mountain City, and forty tombs of Koguryo imperial and 26 graves of the noble families.

Koguryo was a frontier nation that had played an important role in the northeast China from Western Han Dynasty to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The whole site is remains of the Koguryo Kingdom. Though the kingdom has disappeared, those classics and bright cultures created by the Koguryo Kingdom have been left and admired by later generations. These remains and tombs are witnesses of the development of the Koguryo Kingdom, and are cultural representatives and artworks of the ancient kingdom.

Capital cities of the Koguryo Kingdom are consisted of the plain city of Guonei City and mountain city of Wandu Mountain City. These are capitals of the early and middle Koguryo Kingdom and are the capitals of the longest history. These two cities are attached to each other, and combine the surrounded natural environment of geography, rivers, rocks and cultures to get the perfect creation.

Outside the capital cities of the Koguryo Kingdom, there stand more than 7,000 ancient tombs and graves from the Koguryo Kingdom. These tombs lies in the plain surrounded by mountains, they are of fins shapes and rich contents. Those legendary and exquisite frescoes are splendid art works by Koguryo people. Thousands years passed, but these frescoes are still well preserved in bright colors and fresh images. Among these tombs, there is the famous General's Tomb which is famed as the Oriental Pyramid as it is magnificently in size and its shape is much likely with the Egypt Pyramid.

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