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Pinggu Peach Farm

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What sets Pinggu peaches apart from those cultivated in other regions are their beautiful colors, high sugar content, unique flavor and large size. These characteristics are a direct result of the unique geographical properties of Pinggu. With mountains on three sides and plains at its center, Pinggu’s fresh air, low pollution, sandy soil, plentiful water supply and the marked difference between day and night temperatures make for ideal peach growing conditions.

Many orchards in Pinggu have been around for hundreds of years, and growers have perfected techniques that capitalize on the geographical conditions of the region to make one of the most desirable kinds of peaches in the world. 

The peaches are ripe by June and are availble up until October. The best season to visit the peach farms in Pinggu is between June and August where you can see the peach season in full bloom! 

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