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Sichuan Provincial Museum

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Sichuan Provincial Museum was founded in March 1941.  The museum was renamed from "western Sichuan Museum" to "Sichuan Provincial Museum." in 1952. Sichuan Provincial Museum is an important place for the collection and exhibition of cultural relics in Sichuan Province. Now there are more than 300,000 cultural objects collected in the museum, among which the most famous are Basu bronzes, paintings by Zhang Daqian, Sichuan Han Dynasty brick and pottery.

Sichuan Provincial Museum has 300,000 pieces of cultural relics, among which 1,399 pieces are categorized at the national level. There are 15 museum exhibition centers in total, apart from the four temporary exhibition halls (for the short-term exchanges between brothers museum exhibit), the rest are thematic galleries. The first layer is Shu Han Yun Museum; the second layer is Bronze Museum, Great Wind Hall, Fine Paintings and Porcelain Museum; and the third layer is Tibetan Buddhism and Light Monastery Stone.

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