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Jinshitan Beach

 Dalian Attractions

Jinshitan beach (Golden Pebble Beach) is a tourist attraction with splendid coves and rock formations. It is embraced by sea in three sides. It covers more than 30 kms coastline and the geologic wonder generated in 300 to 900 million years impresses all the tourists. It wins the fame of “coagulated animal world”, “natural geologic museum”, and “sculpture park by God”. It's a hot Dalian attraction.

There are pink rock and golden pebble. The pink ones are phycophyta fossils which are 700 million years. The pink phycophyta fossils make up the Rose Park. There is also a golf course (Jinshitan International Golf Course), cross country motorcycling, Dalian Discoveryland theme park and a game forest.


Tourist Link: 20 yuan / person, take tourists sightseeing car site ticket to the car, unlimited rides throughout the day . Every 10 minutes on Holidays and every 20 minutes on weekdays.

Tourist Link route: Wax - Golden Pebble Beach Street - Xin Court - Stone Park - Anchorage Square - Anchorage Hotel - Wan Fuding - Dinosaur leisure park - dinosaur back - Dinosaur leisure park - Wan Fuding - Anchorage Hotels - Anchorage Square - Gold Coast East - Ambassador bath - gold Coast West - Golden Bay Golf Course - Folk - hunting - Rapid Rail station (end).

Discovery Kingdom theme park bus : Visitor Center - Discovery Kingdom theme park visitors. Every 5 minutes on holidays and every 20 minutes on weekdays.

Gold Coast small train line: Visitor Center - Gold Coast East Coast shuttle. Visitors can commute with ticket. Every 5 minutes on holidays and every 20 minutes on weekdays.

Gold Coast small train - Discovery Kingdom theme park Link: The Gold Coast Visitor Center to Discovery Kingdom theme park. Holidays. Every 5 minutes on holidays and every 20 minutes on weekdays.

Golden Pebble Beach National Resort District do not charge entrance fees, but some of the attractions within the area need to collect tickets. The attraction tickets can be purchased separately or Promotion.

Pebble Beach Promotion of 90 yuan / person, including attractions (sights figures for individual ticket fare): The world famous wax museum 30, Pebble Beach Geological Museum 10 Museum 10 badges, 10 stone edge of the park , Wan Fuding Park 10, Golden Bay Golf Course (free to play three practice balls) 10 hunting grounds (free to play 2 rounds caliber rifle) 10 Television Arts Centre (Xu Beihong Museum of Art) 30.In addition, the cost of tourist vehicles within the area are also included.

Opening hours: Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort of most attractions open for the 8:30-17:00.

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