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Laohutan Ocean Park

 Dalian Attractions

Laohutan (Tiger Beach) Ocean Park is located on the south coast in Dalian, the fabulous tourist city, covering 1,180,000 square meters and 4000 meters coastline. As a modern ocean park, Laohutan Ocean Park is one specializing in tourism, recreation, shopping and so on and is regarded as the Dalian people's favorite park.The blue sky, cyan sea, green mountains and marvelous stones inside together comprise the splendid beach scenery.It's a great sightseeing in Dalian.

Being the largest seaside theme park and one of the world largest amusement park throughout China, Laohutan Ocean Park is endowed with the beauty of nature as well as the graceful human creation. In the Park, many attractive natural sceneries and magnificent man-made sights can be seen, especially the Tigers Sculpture Square and Laohutan Polar Region Marine Animals World.

There are altogether 2,000 birds of 80 species in the garden.The world of bird covers half of the valley with peacock, red crowned crane, white swan, and other rare birds living here. The gentleman-like African ostrich is greeting you; hundreds of birds of peace are wheeling trippingly over your head; the mandarin ducks are paddling in the pond and beside, willows are swinging tenderly in the breeze; the flying waterfall plashes on the rocks, on the opposite side, an architectural pavilion stands handsomely; the purling stream, the zigzagging cobbles and bluestones lead to the deep and quiet charming nature.

There is the biggest coral house of Asia with more than 200 species of coral reef, offering you a wonderful underwater world. You can put on the diving suit and swim together with the fish. The Hall has 6 sections, namely, Selected Coral and Coral Fishes, Underwater Kaleidoscope, Sea Lab, Seeking Treasures over a Sunken Ship, Animal Knowledge Gallery, and Diving Performance. In the aquatic performance arena, splendid programs such as water-ballet, sea-maid shows, and dreamlike underwater wedding shows are offered.

Then there is many visitors’ favorite, the dolphin show theatre. Adorable sea lion, walrus, and dolphin present the tourists a happy and fun performance. The polar zone region is also an appeal. In this place, you can see the cute penguin. You can spend whole day in this amazing park. It is a must go attraction with high praise from a lot of travelers.Though they are of different species and from different districts, all the animals are living together harmoniously and happily as a family.

Inside the park, the gorgeous seaside scenery comprises of hills and stones framed by an azure sky and sea. Many attractive natural sceneries and magnificent man-made sights can be seen, especially the Tigers Sculpture Square, Laohutan Polar Region Marine Animals World and the Coral Hall.

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