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Shaolin Temple

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The Shaolin Temple, tucked away in the woods of Shanlin Museum, is the main tourist attraction of the Songshan Mountain Scenic Area, and a key national AAAAA tourism zone. The main tourist attractions in the Shaolin Temple include the Dwelling Center, Forest of Stupas, Bodhidharma Cave, Founder’s Hurt, Second Seniority Hut and Shaolin Martial Art Hall.

It was built in 495, the 19th year of the Taihe reign of the Northern Wei Dynasty by Emperor Xiaowen for an eminent monk Bhara from Indian. In 527, the third year of the Xiaochang reign of the Northern Wei, Bodhidharma (470-c. 543), a well-known monk of Indian, came here to preach Buddhist sutras.

He stayed in a natural stone cave in the Five-breast Peak in Songshan Mountain to cultivate himself for nine years running and later took the lead in preaching Chan sect, hence the name the “birthplace of Chan sect”.
The Shaolin Temple is well known for Chan sect and martial arts. It was very famous in the Sui Dynasty (581-618).in the early Tang (618-907), the 13 stick Buddhist monks were conferred the title of nobilities by the emperor for saving the life of King Qin; in the Song Dynasty (960-1127), the Shaolin martial arts took shape, known as “Shaolin School” in Chinese history; and in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the Shaolin Temple became a world-renowned temple, with more than 1,000 monks. Now the Shaolin Temple is a noted historical site that attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists everyday.

Shaolin kung fu is very famous in the world.Kung fu is fundamentally about aligning the character with morality and respect.Shaolin kung fu has its origins in the fifth century. It began in the temple where the monks sought to find and develop a mind/body discipline. In addition to the self-defense techniques and fighting styles, Kung fu also has many mental exercises and stamina practices that are designed to balance the whole body. 

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