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Fengdu Snow Jade Cave

 Chongqing Attractions

Fengdu Snow Jade Cave is located in Chongqing which is 12 kilometers from Fengdu Ghost City.Within the cave are the most amazing limestone Karst formations known as Stalactite that are as white as snow hence the name given to the cave. The cave is 1,644 meters in length and is divided into 6 different sections. 

The Fengdu Snow Jade Cave is one of the best preserved Karst caves and has remained pure and unpolluted. Stalactites and stalagmites are formed by water dripping or flowing from fractures on the ceiling of a cave. These formations take thousands of years to form and it is estimated that the Snow Jade Cave has a history of 55,000 years.

Admission: 110 Yuan/Person (Peak Season), 70 Yuan/Person (Off-Peak Season)
Opening Hours: 08:30 -17:30
Peak Season: 1st March – 31st October 

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