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Bruce Lee Ancestral Home

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Bruce Lee is the first actor and an exceptionally skilled Martial Arts disciple, who popularised Kung Fu in Western cinemas during the 1970's. He was born in California, but does have extremely strong links with Hong Kong and Foshan. His Father was born in a village, which is now a part of Daliang City, the Capital of Shunde District, and another of the 5 Districts of modern Foshan. Bruce Lee did visit his ancestral home there once. This is now a working museum and Martial Arts school. Most of the Foshan population all know that the mega famous Bruce Lee is from their city. 

Bruce Lee Ancestor's House is located in Shang Village, Shunde District, about 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) away from Guangzhou City and is a major part of any Foshan travels. At the entrance of Shang Village stands the Lee's Ancestral Hall. It was built to immortalize Lee's ancestors. The Ancestral Hall is very grand, spacious and solemn.

Bruce Lee's Ancestor's House is near the Lee's Ancestral Hall. It was built by Bruce Lee's grandfather. Bruce's father also lived here. Bruce lived here only for a short period. He spent the most part of his childhood and teen years in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee Ancestor's House is a typical folk residence made of brick and wood in the Pearl River Delta. It is composed of a bedroom, a hall, a kitchen and a dooryard, encompassing an area of about 51 sq meters (about 61 sq yards). It is a very humble house, and the furnishings are very simple.

On the walls of the hall hang a brief introduction about the life experience of Bruce Lee, and several large stills from his films, in which Bruce Lee played the leading roles. At the hall, there is a wooden stake and an incense burner table. The wooden stake is used for practicing Kung Fu. The incense burner is used to make sacrifices to Lee's ancestors. The dooryard covering an area of about 20 sq meters (about 24 sq yards) is a good place for practicing Kung Fu.

How to Get There

Bruce Lee's ancestoral home is located in Shunde, which is technically a part of Foshan, China. It takes approximately70 to 75 minutes to get there from the heart of Foshan by car.

Address: Shapu Road, Junán, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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