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Gansu Provincial Museum

 Lanzhou Attractions

No.3 West Xijin Road,Lanzhou,GansuAs one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and important part of silk road, Gansu Province is rich in historic relics and antiques. Thanks to the advantaged conditions, Gansu Provincial Museum has a collection of more than 350,000 articles, including historic relics, ethnic antiques, fossils and specimen.

In this museum, you can see the paleontological fossils and specimen in the cretaceous period, the painted pottery in Paleolithic and Neolithic ages, the bronze ware, pottery, and jade articles in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Silk Road civilization, and porcelain, wood carving, silk fabrics, and paintings in Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties. Among all these valuable historic heritages, there are several pieces which are world famous, like bronze galloping horse from Eastern Han (25–220).

The museum mainly has five exhibition halls, namely, the Hall of Gansu Historical Relics, the Hall of Gansu Natural Resources, the Hall of Jiayuguan Murals of Wei and Jin Period, the Hall of the Yellow River Ancient Elephants, and the Hall of Red Army's Long March via Gansu.

The first hall displays about 1,500 items of unearthed relics including vessels and agricultural tools, painted pottery bowls and excavations form the Silk Road during the Tang and Han Dynasties.The second hall displays about 1,380 items of real objects and models showing the profile of Gansu Province.

The third hall exhibits more than 60 murals on the tomb describing the imperial life, the daily life of the aristocrats and laboring pictures of the common people. The fourth hall shows a 4-meter-tall and 8-meter-long fossil of the Yellow River Xiphodon mammoth. The last hall exhibits revolutionary relics of the Long March. 

Address: No.3 West Xijin Road,Lanzhou,Gansu
Opening hours: 09:00 -17:00 (Closed Monday)
Admission: 35RMB 

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