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Baiyu Temple

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Baiyu County is located in Baiyu prefecture in western Sichuan Province, it is one of the three biggest Lama temples in Kang Tibetan region. The Baiyu Monastery is huge and prosperity located upper side of the town.

The Baiyu Temple was built against a slope of mountain which has shown traditional Tibetan style. Chagrakhang is the most important temple with a gilded copper image of Jowo Shakyamuni as well as frescoes of the Namcho deities.

There is a trail leading up to the Assembly Hall where you can walk to the monastery. After visiting the monastery, you can seat with local pilgrims to enjoy the sun after walk up to the flag-made Stupa, or if you still have some energy, it is suggested to climb to the opposite mountain where is one of the best places to take photos of the monastery.

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