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Jiaju Tibetan Village

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Jiaju Tibetan Village is located in Danba County, Sichuan Province. “Jiaju” in Tibetan language means many families and houses. The village is inhabited by 57 thousands people of 15 ethnic groups. Each family lives in one house. Normally, the houses face the south and cluster to each other. Chengdu West Bus Station has scheduled bus to Danba everyday at 7:00AM.

The village is dubbed the most beautiful village in China. The villagers there are very friendly to visitors. They provide accommodation to tourists. But you won’t feel the sense of commodification like in most other tourist attractions. You can sleep at Tibetan people’s house and eat with them. From Danda County to Jiaju Village is 4 km. But because of the bad condition of the road, it will usually take you one hour to get there. In Danba, you can hire a car or take the shuttle bus. 

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