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Natural Bonsai of Danba East Valley

 Garze Attractions

Danba means “a town of the cliff” in Tibetan. It is a county of the eastern Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan Province, China, stretches along a valley of Dadu River. Danba is famous as the most beautiful countries of China, attracting many visitors not only for her incomparable pure landscape but also for the special folk customs and full of mysterious history.

Natural Bonsai of Danba East Valley otherwise known as the "Valley of Beauties" is famous for the beautiful ladies that inhabit the villages. Dressed in the traditional ethinic minority clothing the beauties of the village are beautiful without the need for make-up and their skin is white as snow and smooth as jade. 

Despite the beautiful ladies there is also amazing scenery, the landscape is all natural and you can admire the traditional Tibetan architecture such as the houses and the famous Diaolou (stiled houses). 

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