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Qinghefang Ancient Street

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Qinghefang Ancient Street(清河坊)

Qinghefang Ancient Street is the best-preserved historical street in Hangzhou and also it is one of the most famous place for shopping for tourists traveling to Hangzhou. The history of Qinghefang Ancient Street can be dated back to the Sui and Tang dynasties. Qinghefang Street was the most prosperous place in Hangzhou and was considered as the political, cultural and commercial center of Hangzhou in Qing Dynasty.

As the best-preserved historical street in Hangzhou, Qinghefang Pedestrian Street is a great place to see ancient architectures. Along this ancient street, there are buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties. Also there are many century-old shops, restaurants and teahouses in Qinghefang Ancient Street. 

Famous old shops and buildings in Qinghefang Ancient Street include the following: Baohetang Pharmacy, Huqingyu Pharmacy, Fanghuichun Pharmacy, Yezhongdetang Pharmacy, Wangxingji Fan Store, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, Longquan Royal Kiln, Taiji Teahouse, and Rongbaozhai Gallery.

Qinghefang Ancient Street is not only a shopping center in Hangzhou and also a great place for dinning. Tourists can buy curios, paintings, souvenirs, handcrafts, and works of art. Also to try local Hangzhou cuisine and also other Chinese cuisine, there are many restaurants in Qinghefang Street. To feel the old history and experience the local culture, the teahouses in the Qinghefang Ancient Street are great places to stay.

Qinghefang Ancient Street is located at the foot of Wushan Hill. It only takes about 10 minutes’ walking from Qinghefang Ancient Street to the West Lake Scenic Area. To arrive at Qinghefang Ancient Street, tourists can take buses of no.8, No.60, 127, 195, 208 or 216 and get off at the east crossing of Gaoyin Street, or take the buses of Y8, Y10, 25, 35, 51, 108, 187, 212, 327 or 992, and get off at Wushan bus station. 

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Near Wushan Square, South uptown, Hangzhou

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Information

Admission Fee: No charge
Opening Hours: No limits
Best Time to Visit: Sping, evenings in Summer, Autumn, Winter

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


  • Take buses of No.8/ 60/ 127/ 195/ 208/ 216 and get off at the east crossing of Gaoyin Street.
  • Take buses of No. Y8/ Y10/ 25/ 35/ 51/ 108/ 187/ 212/ 327/ 992, and get off at Wushan Station. 
Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

  • Better avoid visiting during Chinese holidays for it might be crowded here.
  • It only takes about 10 minutes’ walking from Qinghefang Ancient Street toWest Lake Scenic Area. If you want, if would very convenient to visit West Lake after Qinghefang Ancient Street.



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