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Taxia Village

 Zhangzhou Attractions

Taxia Village is an exquisite Hakka village, located in a valley in the west of Shuyang Town, Nanjing County. Built in 1426 in Ming Dynasty by Zhang Family, it has been a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and was listed in the 15 Chinese Landscape Villages.

Taxia Village is a small village with a small stream flowing by. In fact, Taxia Village is a Hakka village, and the whole villagers are Zhang’s family. Early years, a lot of villagers went to Thailand and Myanmar and other countries. After a successful career, they returned and paved roads or bridges to bring honor to their family. Thus, there are all shapes of bridges in this small village.

The three kilometers of asphalt road leading to the village was built with donations from overseas Chinese. Deyuan Hall, a Zhang’s temple in Taxia Village, was built in the late Ming Dynasty by Zhang’s tribe. Behind the temple was a crescent Moon grass, like a natural carpet.

There are a total of 23 stone dragon flagpoles inscribed with names, fame, rank grade title and characters such as the age of the flagpole in front of Deyuan Hall, each is more than 10 meters high. The top of stone bar was carved with symbols to reveal the sages’ immeasurable merit of the village, which aimed at encouraging the young generation to carry on the family line and make their ancestors illustrious.


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