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Li Hongzhang's Former Residence

 Hefei Attractions

Located in the middle of Huaihe Road in Hefei, there is a courtyard which was residence of Li Hongzhang. It's a famous place,y ou should not miss it in your Hefei tour. Li Hongzhang, a leading statesman of the late Qing Dynasty, quelled several major rebellions and served in important positions of the Imperial Court, including the premier viceroyalty of Zhili.Li Hongzhang was born in Hefei in 1823.

He was in charge of both the domestic affairs and foreign affairs of the Qing Dynasty.He held key posts for forty years, traveling far and wide across East Asia and West Europe.He was referred to as “the first man to advocate the open-door policy in China.”He founded the Huai Army and initiated the Westernization Movement. He died in 1901 in Beijing and was buried in Hefei.

The houses that belong to the Li family occupied a huge place.Li's former residence opens to public since September 27, 1999. His former residence is located on the Huaihe Road (the mid-section) of Hefei.

The courtyard is in classic architectural style of Jianghuai area in Qing Dynasty. Besides the spectacular architectures, the place is a kind of museum in which a lot of precious pictures, materials, and articles present us the whole life of Li Hongzhang and also China’s modern history.The entire building looks magnificent with carved beams and rafters.

It is a key cultural relic site under the protection of Anhui provincial government.It is the largest existing and best preserved former residence of a VIP in Hefei.

House lobby decorated with "Li Life" exhibition. The exhibition has a lot of precious pictures and in-kind show that Li's life changing "juvenile Imperial, spent his prime, a border middle age, old age Westernization."

Miss floor in the hall and in the form of display is used to show a recovery Li reception guests and families of their daily living conditions, fully demonstrated the Jianghuai region's architectural style.

East of the "Huai Group and the modernization of China's exhibition". It is in a rich exhibition based on Li's life open, fully reveals the late Qing history's most influential and powerful group - Huai Group Li's leadership, on modern military, economic, cultural, and national defense made outstanding contributions.

Since opening the house attracted a large number of tourists for its own unique architectural style and rich cultural connotations, becoming Hefei "Ten Things" and one of the eyes of the public preferred the Hefei attractions.

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