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Temple of Lord Bao

 Hefei Attractions

Located in Hefei, Ancestral Temple of Lord Bao (Bao Zheng) is located in the Hefei's Bao River Park, a river named after him.Temple of Lord Bao was once where Bao Zheng read books when he was young.It is the ancestral temple to honor the well-noted upright official of the Song Dynasty and it's one of the famous Hefei tourist attractions.

Bao Zheng (999-1062), a native of Hefei, was an honest official of the Earlier Song Dynasty (960-1127). He was reputed to be free of corruption and principled all through his official life, and has been always on the lips of the people for centuries. There are many bao zheng stories.

It was a small temple on the islet.Later in Ming Dynasty, the magistrate of Luzhou expanded the small temple into Academy of Lord Bao. Later in 1539, the name Academy of Lord Bao was changed into Temple of Lord Bao. It was built in memory of Bao Zheng.

The temple currently houses some valuable historic relics, including Lord Bao's figure in stone cut in the Qing Dynasty, Lord Bao's Genealogical Tree, Lord Bao's Family Regulations and Lord Bao's writing and painting.

Both the Ancestral Temple of Lord Bao and Tomb Garden of Lord Bao, built in commemoration of Lord Bao, comprise the Lord Bao Memorial Park.The architectural style of the tomb garden is plain and somber. It is among luxuriant woods and green plants.

Lord Bao, Bao Zheng, is a much-praised official who served during the reign of Emperor Renzong of Northern Song Dynasty in ancient China. Culturally, Bao Zheng today is respected as the symbol of justice in Greater China. In Lord Bao's Family Regulations, there is a sermon: "Anyone of my offspring who commits corruptions should be excluded from the kindred, and should not be buried with the familial tombs.

He who doesn't follow my sermon is not my offspring." Opposite the temple is the tomb Garden of Lord Bao with a solemn surrounding, where the osseous remains of Lord Bao were buried.Throughout history, his largely fictionalized stories have appeared in a variety of different literary and dramatic genres, and have enjoyed sustained popularity.

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