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Temple of the Five Pagodas

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Temple of the Five Pagodas (Wuta Temple) is a Buddhist temple in Hohhot City, the capital of Inner Mongolia Province. It was first built in the reign of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty. It measures 16 meters high and the original name was Precious Pagoda of the Buddhist Relics of the Diamond Throne.The distinctive five pagodas surmount contains a temple with 1563 images of Buddha carved into its walls each differing slightly to the other. Inside is a rare Mongoliancosmological map carved into a large stone which illustrates the zodiac and positions of numerous stars. The temple should be part of your sightseeing trip to Hohhot. 

The Five-Pagoda Temple is an important Tibetan Buddhist temple. The pagoda is 16 meters high (about 51 feet) and it is composed of three parts: the base, the seat and the top (five pagodas). The lower part of the seat is inlaid with inscriptions of Diamond Sutra written in Mongolian, Tibetan and Sanskrit. The upper part is niches holding gold-plated statues of Buddha. The body of the pagoda is glazed in greens and yellows. It is representative of the architectural achievements that were made in the Qing Dynasty. 

The Five pagodas standing side by side on the seat, the central one has seven stories while the rest on the four corners are all five-story high. In the first floor of these pagodas, there are brick carvings of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Bodhi trees and so on. While in the floors above there are a great number of niches for statues of Buddha in different shapes totaling 1563. In addition, an astronomical chart and two Buddhism pictures are carved delicately onto a wall behind the pagodas, which are valuable cultural relics.

Address: Wutasi Hou Street, Hohhot
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00


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