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Hulunbuir Grassland

 Hulunbuir Attractions

The endless grassland is dotted with herds of cattle and sheep. The winding rivers and lakes provide splendid scenery for visitors. Tourists can roam the grasslands or try horse and camel riding or grass sledging.

No matter what season it is, you can find something interesting in Hulunbuir. Hulunbuir hosts an azalea festival in the spring, grassland culture and beer festival in the summer, forest culture festival celebrating Great Khingnan Mountains in the autumn and an ice and snow festival with a strong ethnic customs in the winter. Hulunbuir Grassland is perhaps the finest pastures in China.

Hailaer National Forest Park and Darbin Lake National Forest Park are ideal for visitors who want to enjoy the natural green scenery and tranquil forests.


To get to Hulunbuir Grassland you have to first travel to Hailaer District. You can travel to Hailaer District by taking a train from Beijing, Harbin, Hohhot or Baotou. You can also take a direct flight from Beijing or Hohhot to Hailaer. Hulunbuir grassland is approximately a one hour drive from Hailaer.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to catch autumn in its prime is between May and September. 


Entrance fee is 20RMB.

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