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Jiangnan Examination Hall

 Nanjing Attractions

Jiangnan Examination Hall (Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House) was first built in the 4th year of the Xiaozong reign of the Southern Song Dynasty. Nanjing was capital in the Ming Dynasty. Jiangnan Examination Hall was used as the examination hall for both the provincial level examination of Jiangsu Province as well as Anhui Province and metropolitan examination. Jiangnan Examination Hall was heavily expanded with more than 20,000 buildings.

The examination hall spans over an area of 300,000 square meters and there is the Historical Muesum of Jiangnan Gongyuan located on No.1 Jingling Road. At this museum you can learn more about how the imperial examinations were conducted and how talent was recruited for the imperial courts through the examination system.  

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