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Mount Lushan

 Jiujiang Attractions

Mount Lushan is situated in the northern part of Jiangxi Province in Jiujiang city. It is a notable mountain in China and in the world. Mount Lushan has been one of the hottest mountains by its natural beautiful scenery, high values of history, culture, architecture, religion and geography. It has been listed as the World's Cultural Landscape Heritage in 1996.

Within the Mount Lushan Scenic Park, there are 12 scenic areas, 37 scenic spots and 230 sceneries and landscapes. Some major scenic attractions include Five Old Man Peaks, the Immortal Caverns, White Deer Grotto Academy, Three Tiled Springs, Luling Lake, Donglin Temple and so on.

Mount Lushan is a horst fault-block mountain and is famous for its peculiarity, elegance, steep and magnificence. It has forest coverage rate as high as 76.6% and it has been one of the four summer resorts in China. Its high mountain and deep valley bring distinct mountain climate features, which has endowed Mount Lushan with rich biological resources in flora and fauna. Since Mount Lushan has abundant rainfalls and has an annual average fog days up to 191 days, making the cloudy and foggy Mount Lu a spectacle.

Also Mount Lushan is a place of high values in history, culture and religion. It has been a cradle for Chinese ancient poems as there were many famous ancient poets made great famous poems about this mount, like Li Bai and Su Shi. Mount Lushan has a strong religious culture. Temples themed at religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Catholicism, Islamism and other religions were constructed there. The most famous one is the Donglin Temple, which was constructed by Hui Yuan and it is the first Pure Land Buddhism in China.

When travel to Mount Lushan, there is a lot to enjoy and do. You can watch a sunrise at the spot of Hanpokou, enjoy the flying waterfalls at the Three Tiled Springs, watch the ultra blue and clear sky at the Five Old Man Peaks, watch a Lushan love movie at the Lushan Love Theater, and taste the fragrant Lushan Tea. Dreamy in spring, cool in summer, drunken in autumn and pure in winter. Mount Lushan is the must visit site in Jiujiang, Jiangxi and China.

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