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Kaiping Li Garden

 Kaiping Attractions

Kaiping Li Garden is located in Beiyi County, Tangkou Township, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province. It was constructed by Kaiping overseas Chinese Mr. Xie Weili and the Li Garden was named after him. The whole garden covers a land area of 19,600 square meters. This garden is famous for its perfect mixed complex of the western and the oriental. Li Garden is one of the major attractions in Kaiping.

It took 10 years to finish the construction of this garden. Though Li Garden is only a private garden, it has gained its fame by its unique style and original architecture complex. The whole garden is divided into three areas, villa area, big garden area and small garden area. There are 6 magnificent and luxury villas and one ancient Diaolou in the villa area. The three areas are divided by canals or walls, but are connected with each other by bridge, pavilion, or corridor. This special layout integrals the three areas into a whole and forms the unique view of garden in garden, scene in scene.

This whole complex is constructed to get the charm of Chinese garden, also applies the styles of the western. It displays the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture, and delicately matches the current popular European and American villa architecture features at its building time to achieve the perfect mixture. So when travel to Kaiping, find the uniqueness at this beautiful Li Garden.

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