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Kong Family Mansion

 Qufu Attractions

Located to the east of the temple, Kong Family Mansion was once the home of the direct descendants of Confucius, who were in charge of tending to the temple and cemetery.There are some religious ceremonies they took care of like honoring the dead, birthdays, plantings and harvests.

The original mansion which was built in 1038 during Song dynasty connecting to the temple directly.Coving an ares of 12,470 square meters,the present mansion has 152 buildings with 480 rooms. The mansion’s layout with Chinese traditionally feature. It separates official rooms in the front from the residential quarters in the rear.

The Mansion features luxury furnishings, exquisite decorations, and precious cultural relics.Some of the relics was given by emperors,some of them was presented by high ranking officials and celebrities and some of them was purchased at a high price.These are very valuable resource for people to research ancient Chinese history and culture.

Kong Family Mansion was listed as World Cultural Heritage buildings together with the Cemetery of Confucius and the Temple of Confucius in 1994.

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