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Lanzhou Zhongshan Bridge

 Lanzhou Attractions

The Zhongshan Bridge is located at the foot of Baita Mountain in the north of Lanzhou City. It is called No. 1 Bridge on the Yellow River, which makes it a landmark of Lanzhou. Before the iron bridge was set up, there is a floating bridge for crossing the Yellow River. The floating bridge was built in Ming Dynasty. Its 3-meter long iron pillar still stands there with a mark “Ninth Year of Hongwu Emperor”. In the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, the floating bridge was changed to the current iron bridge. The iron bridge has four piers and steel arched girder. Walking on the bridge and have a overlook at the Yellow River, is is one of the most beautiful Lanzhou tourist attractions.  

This bridge was called Zhen Yuan Floating Bridge and was made up of more than 20 ships, tied up by ropes and chains. It floated on the river in order to help people pass over, but it was neither solid nor safe enough. Almost every year floods destroyed the bridge or even killed people. Problem also arose in the winter, when ice would build up on the river, so the bridge would have to undergo the costly process of being disassembled and then re-built in the spring. Used for over 500 years, the Zhen Yuan Floating Bridges was finally retired in 1909, when an iron bridge was built. This new bridge is what we call the First Bridge over the Yellow River.


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