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Lebagou Rock Painting

 Yushu Attractions

“Lebagou” in Tibetan language means a beautiful valley. Not only it has appealing natural landscape, the valley is also where the relic of Temple of Wenchenggong located. There are giant wall paintings in the valley. The paintings are of typical Tibetan Buddhism style. The history of them ranges from Tang Dynasty to present day. Nowadays, monks still carve paintings on the stone. By walking through the valley you can experience the whole stone carving history of Tibetan Buddhism. The paintings mostly depict Buddha, auspicious beasts, and pilgrims. This is quite different from other wall paintings found at the same Qinghai Province region which depict animals in general.

The paintings are divided into three categories according to their unique features. The paintings in the first category contain strong sense of late Tang Dynasty Han Buddhism; the second category depicts people dressing up with both Tang and Tibetan style which marks the culture melting between these two; the technique of expression in the third category is typical Tibetan style. 

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