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Luhuitou Park

 Sanya Attractions

Luhuitou Park is located in the Sanya Bay, five kilometers south of the downtown area, this scenic spot gets its name from a legend about a Li youth and a beautiful deer. The place is surrounded by sea in three directions. With mountains being green in year round, it is a good place for enjoying charming attraction of Sanya, Hainan.

Luhuitou Peninsula is located in the north of Sanya about 5 kilometers away from the urban city, perched on the edge of the South China Sea. A theme park in the same name is situated on the hill near the seashore.

As the "sacred hill of Li People", Luhuitou, literally a deer looking back, has its name relevant to a lover legend of the Li. The story goes it that one day a deer was pursued by a young Li hunter, who went after it to the cliff by the South Sea. Having no way out, the deer looked back suddenly, which bewildered the hunter greatly. Unexpectedly, a cloud of fog popped up and the deer turned to be a young girl. The two fell in love with each other and married. Hence, the hill was named after "Luhuitou" in memory of their love story. Today, stone sculptures about the story have been set up at the Luhuitou Park on the hill, which has given Sanya the name "City of Deer".

Address: Luhuitou Scenic Area 
Admission: 45RMB
Opening hours:

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