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Star of Nanchang

 Nanchang Attractions

Located in the Ganjiang People’s Park,Star of Nanchang is a landmark construction in Nanchang. As high as 160 meters, it is the world’s highest Ferris Wheel, 25 meters higher than the Eye of London wheel.

Star of Nanchang is the second tallest ferris wheel in the world. It is 160 meters high. It has 60 capsules and each capsule can hold 6 to 8 people. Get on the ferris wheel and take a bird's-eye view of the Nanchang City, Gan River and Xi Mountain. The Star of Nanchang Ferris Wheel was once the tallest ferris wheel in the world prior to the opening of the Singapore Flyer in 2008 which over took its status.

A total of 480 passengers can be seated for one ride which lasts approximately 30 minutes. Within the cabins there are LCD televisions and air conditioning ensuring all those can enjoy the ride with a complete of Nanchang 160 meters in the air!

"Star of Nanchang" Ferris wheel tread consists of six or seven thousands lights LED semiconductor lighting device comprised.After all the lights removed ,you still can see a 153 meters of the giant colored clock.It can set a different pattern, then color light system has been preset 15 sets of programs. In addition, the public can also send SMS to the control system, the Ferris wheel lights can display the content of the message, as long as the number of words is under twelve.

Address: Ganjiang People’s Park 

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30AM -11: 30AM, 2:30PM -10: 30PM 

How to get there:
Take the NO17 , NO233, NO504, NO506 to Nanchang International Exhibition Center Station.


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