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Kangrinboqe Peak

 Ngari Attractions

Kangrinboqe Peak is China Gandise mountain peak.It is one of the ten most beautiful, striking famous mountains.With the height of 6721 meters above sea level, Kangrinboqe Peak is the second highest mountain of Gandise.

Kangrinboqe Peak is located in northern of Champlain County,Southwestern of Tibet Autonomous Region.The name of it means gods of the mountains in Tibetan. 6,000 meters above of the mountain is snow-covered and distribute 28 modern glaciers dominated by anging glacier and cirque glaciers.

Around Kangrinboqe Peak there are eight temples and it is considered as holy mountain worldwide.Kangrinboqe Peak is not the highest mountain in the region, but it’s the only mountain shine the striking, scintillating sunlight.

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