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Ningbo Old Bund

 Ningbo Attractions

The Old Bund of Ningbo is located at the conflux of Yong River, Fenghua River, and Yuyao River. It opened up since 1844 and was the earliest district opening up to foreign trades, even 20 years earlier than the Bund in Shanghai. It is noted as one of existing China bunds with a history of hundreds of years. The Old Bund records the development of Ningbo in modern history. The architectures here feature the combined style of both western and eastern. It has been a landmark in Ningbo city.

Ningbo is a city with a rich maritime history, with a deep water port. Because of the city’s location, it had dominated the trade in the region, making it easy to transport materials, such as cotton. Today, it’s not as busy. And river traffic is certainly nowhere near that of Shanghai. However, there is still a bit, and it’s a nice place to just spend a couple of hours. Particularly in the evening, when the area comes to life with restaurants, bars, and cafes.

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