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Tianyi Pavilion

 Ningbo Attractions

Built in 1516, Tianyi Pavilion is the oldest surviving private library in China and a major attraction of Ningbo. Founded by Ming official Fan Qin, the library owns a great collection of books which went back to 11th century, woodblock and handwritten copies of the Confucian classics, rare local histories and lists of the candidates who were successful in imperial examinations.

Besides the valuable collection of books, Tianyi Pavilion is also famous for the unique architectural style and graceful landscape. The pavilion has a flush gable roof and a corridor extending from the front to the back. Later Fan Qin’s great grandson rebuilt the pavilion, laying rockery, kiosks, bridges, flowers and grass. During its rebuilding in 1933, steles from Song to Qing Dynasties in Ningbo were put here.

Tianyi Pavilion Library is located downtown beside the beautiful Yuehu Lake. It is combination of culture, social studies, history and art. The overall layout is Tianyi Pavilion, Eastern Garden, The Chens' Ancestral Hall, The Qings' Branch Ancestral Hall, Calligraphy and Painting Hall and Local Chronicles Hall. Tianyi Pavilion keeps a large collection of about 300,000 ancient books, among which 80,000 are rare copies including the woodcut copies and handwritten copies. Tianyi Pavilion Library is called the "Book City of South China". Tianyi Pavilion is not only world famous for its wide collection of books, but also for its unique architecture and elegant landscape. 

Admission: Adults- 30RMB, Children - 15RMB 

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