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Zhanqiao Pier

 Qingdao Attractions

Built in 1891, originally as a wharf, Zhan Qiao Pier was expanded and repaired twice in 1931 and 1985. Zhan Qiao (Loading Pier) was famous as its octagonal pagoda being put on the Tsingtao Beer label. It is one of most attractive Qingdao attractions and popular in the tourists.

The structure is referred to in Chinese as a “bridge” but it was originally built to serve as a pier.Zhan Qiao (Loading Pier) is now of a reinforced concrete structure 440 meters long and 8 meters wide,providing a panoramic view of the bay and the Qingdao skyline.

you can take a rest in the park and enjoy the beautiful ornamental flowers and Japanese black pines at the north end of Zhan Qiao.At the south end of Zhan Qiao, there is a two-storied octagonal pagoda constructed in 1930 named "Hui Lai Ko" (ripple diverging pavilion) .

Located at the south end of pier, Huilan Pavilion is a Chinese-style octagonal pavilion.It offers a traditional beauty and relax people.The beautiful lotus-shaped lamps lights up the night and decorate the day. Little Qingdao Isle and its large lighthouse are also visible from Zhan Qiao Pier, making for a beautiful scene popular with tourists. Although the pavilion is usually crammed with tourists, food, drink and souvenir vendors, it is an easy walk from the downtown area and offers decent views of the city and the sea.

Zhan Qiao Pier has a beautiful scenery,the small Qingdao Island (Xiao Qingdao), the Qingdao Navy Museum,buildings featuring German colonial architecture. The coastline lighting up at night with spotlights on nearby buildings makes a very attractive picture.

Closest Bus Stop: Zhan Qiao: #25, #223, #225, #304, #311, # 312, #316, #321, #501, #801.
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