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Samye Monastery

 Shannan Attractions

The Samye Monastery, built during the Reigns of the Trisong Detsen in the 8th Century, was recording as the first monastery in Tibet featuring Buddhist, laws and monks, where the famous debate of doctrines between ancient Indian Buddhism and inland Buddhism happened.

The Samye Monastery is renowned for the characteristic art of its buildings and the vivid murals as well as other ancient relics stored within them. The whole construction of the temple is very grandiose and complicated. It replicates the universe described in the sutras exactly. The central world Mount Meru is represented by the majestic Wuzi Hall. The Sun and Moon chapels stand in the north and south as the sun and moon in the universe.

Four larger halls and eight smaller halls are distributed around all sides of the central hall, symbolizing the four large continents and eight small ones. In the four corners lie the Red, White, Black and Green Pagodas guarding the Dharma like the Heavenly Kings. A circular wall surrounds the temple as if marking the periphery of the world. The layout of Samye Monastery resembles the Mandala in the Esoteric Buddhism.

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