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Nantian Hot Spring

 Sanya Attractions

As a back garden of Sanya, Nantian Hot Spring faces the beautiful and amazing Wuzhizhou Island across the sea, bordering the Monkey Island on the Southern Bay in the east and Yalong Bay in the south. Located on Haitang Golden Triangle on the eastern coast. It has been planned into an international tropical tourism city and will become a top tourism zone in the Southeast Asia. Nantian hot spring is one of the best Sanya island resorts available. 

Experts from the State Ore Reserve Committee and the State Health Department had tested out that the water in the hot spring contains a lot of gases and mineral elements that are good for human body, including carbon dioxide, sulfured hydrogen, ammonia met silicate, Li, strontium, Mn, Zn, fluorine and so on.

And its content of silica acid is 68.5-117.5mg/L and fluorine is 2.04-7.7mg/L, both of them meet the standard for mineral water, and the content of Radon is 44.36-59.86Bq/L which also meets the medical value concentration standard. Therefore, Nantian Hot Spring has the desirable medical value concentration standard and is a luorosilicic remedy hot mineral water field.

The dancing coconut trees, the villas among the green and fresh trees, the measureless oxygen and the clean and blue sky, all of them form a heaven on the earth, which will bring you into a fairytale dream and make you enjoy yourself at the most.

Address: Nantian Farm, Tengqiao Town, Sanya
Admission: 198 Yuan 

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